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Ithilien Ranger

After the Dark Lord Sauron returned to Mordor, the fair region of Ithilien was abandoned by its inhabitants. The Stewards of Gondor created the Rangers of Ithilien for both scouting and ambushing purposes. These brave men are mostly descendants from people who lived in the green lands of Ithilien before it was deserted. Masters of hiding in forests, they are perfect for hit and run tactics or ambushing. They wield their powerful longbows with great accuracy and have swords for close combat. Armoured mostly with camouflaged leather, they can’t be trusted to hold their ground against heavily armed forces.

This class of troop requires Gondor Archer.

The upgraded class of this troop is Ithilien Master Ranger.

The Ithilien Ranger is a Rank 3 type of troop.